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In the fall of 2016, the concept of Silver + Oak Realty was born out a serendipitous dinner of three friends with three very different real estate backgrounds - luxury condominiums, bank owned properties, and development. Over several rounds of tapas and a few martinis, they exchanged war stories and deliberated opportunities they saw to disrupt their respective markets. Each solution sought to escalate and personalize the real estate consumer and developer experience. Just as any masterpiece requires a talented artist, a solid canvas, and high quality paint, they realized that the real estate industry was no different. It was determined that 3 key elements were essential - Undeniable Talent, Great Properties, and Cutting Edge Technology. And so, through months of creative collaboration, focus groups, market testing and analysis Silver + Oak’s Executive Team created a unique framework for real estate brokerage which combines inventory from the REO Industry, Luxury Sales & Marketing, Robust Technology, Design and Investment Financing and Resources. And most valuable, Silver + Oak Realty has carved out a clear path to giving todays clients what they actually want – full disclosure, access to exclusive real estate opportunities, and traditional service repackaged for the digital era. With a unique approach to brokerage development, Silver + Oak Realty offers an all encompassing digital experience, including a mobile friendly website, social media presence, and full mobile access to streamline the sales process. Serving today’s consumers with a warm and more meaningful experience.

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